Automate your business with Artificial Intelligence

Use Custom GPTs to increase the ROI of your company, by saving time and money, and multiplying the quality you deliver to your clients

We adapt your business to this new era dominated by AI

Our software developers, automation experts, and data and machine learning engineers will take care of everything for you

No more managing a team of freelancers or wasting countless hours and money building an internal team. There is no time to lose.

Artificial intelligence is not just the future; it is the present. Companies that take advantage of its power now will have a great competitive advantage

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO

We have created the most successful GPTs within the ChatGPT Store

More and more companies from all over the world hire us to build their GPTs

  • 💬 Automatic responses to clients
  • 📂 Email categorization with AI
  • 🎫 Smart ticket routing
  • 📊 Auto-generated analyzes
  • 📝 Smart and personalized surveys
  • 🌐 Common problem resolution
  • 🤖 Automatic support ticket creation
  • 📞 Smart call routing
  • 📊 Automatic data collection
  • 📧 Personalized emails
  • 🎯 Personalized recommendations
  • 💬 Lead capture assistants
  • 📄 Automatic proposals and budgets
  • 💰 Dynamic rate adjustment
  • 🔥 Hot sales detection
  • 🧑 Smart customer segmentation
  • 📑 Invoice scanning
  • 📋 Document preparation
  • 🔍 Account reconciliation
  • 🤖 Automated billing and accounting
  • 🧠 Analysis of financial reports
  • ⚙️ Automatic report generation
  • 📊 Creation of graphics and presentations
  • 📃 Spreadsheet creation with AI
  • 📚 Automatic item comparison
  • 🔍 Search for relevant articles
  • 📝 Paper writing with AI
  • 📖 Identification of citations and cross references
  • 📊 Generation of graphics and illustrations
  • 🚫 Prevention and detection of plagiarism
  • ✍️ Correction and translation of articles
  • ⚙️ Automatic correlation search
  • 📜 Analysis of legal documents
  • ✍️ Contract correction
  • 🔍 Automatic case law search
  • 📝 Clause generation with AI
  • 📰 Monitoring changes in legislation
  • 🚫 Detection of discrepancies between documents
  • ⚖️ Automatic detection of copyright infringements
  • 📝 Analysis of resumes and profiles
  • 📊 Candidate evaluation with AI
  • 📅 Automatic interview scheduling
  • 🤝 Monitoring job satisfaction
  • 💼 Professional development advice
  • 📈 Analysis of personnel turnover
  • 📋 Onboarding automation
  • 💡 Idea generators
  • 📈 Monitoring market trends
  • 📊 Competitor analysis
  • 💰 Price optimization
  • 📊 Automatic report generation
  • 🚀 Automatic improvement proposals
  • 🔄 Project management automation
  • 🎨 Generation of product simulations
  • 📦 Optimization of delivery routes
  • 🚛 AI fleet tracking
  • 📊 Intelligent demand forecasting
  • 📋 Automatic inventory management
  • 🛒 Purchase analysis with AI
  • 📦 Identification of areas for improvement
  • 📈 Optimization of logistics costs
  • 📈 Trend tracking
  • 📝 Writing posts and articles
  • #️⃣ Auto-selection of hashtags
  • 🖼️ Image and video generation
  • 🤖 Automatic response to comments
  • 📅 Automatic scheduling and publishing
  • 🔍 Mention monitoring
  • 📊 Competition monitoring and analysis
  • 📺 Personalized recommendations
  • 🎮 Video game development with AI
  • ✏️ Generation of ideas and scripts with AI
  • 📽️ Automatic video editing
  • 🎶 Music and lyrics generation with AI
  • 🎨 Automatic digital art creation
  • 📈 Audience and trend analysis
  • 📲 Streaming customization
  • 🕵️ Website audit with AI
  • 📝 Content generators
  • 📈 Trend tracking
  • 🎯 Auto-optimization
  • 🔎 Keyword tracking
  • 📊 Indexing monitoring
  • ❗ Automatic problem detection
  • ⚡️ Performance monitoring
  • 🩺 AI assisted diagnosis
  • 📊 Medical image analysis
  • 📝 Automatic generation of clinical reports
  • 💊 Personalized recommendations
  • 📋 Management of electronic medical records
  • 🧬 Genomic data analysis
  • 🏥 Hospital resource planning
  • 📚Customization of study plans
  • 📊 Track student progress
  • 📝 Generation of educational material with AI
  • 🎓 Personalized academic advice
  • 🧠 Virtual tutoring with AI assistants
  • 📋 Management of enrollment and student records
  • 🎒 Analysis of teaching effectiveness
  • 🌱 Crop monitoring with AI
  • 📊 Optimization of irrigation and fertilizer use
  • 🛰️ Smart terrain tracking
  • 🌾 Crop prediction with AI
  • 🌧️ Automated greenhouse management
  • 🚜Automation of agricultural machinery
  • 📈 Agricultural market trend analysis
  • 📱 Generation of applications and websites
  • 🐞 Bug fixes with AI
  • 🛠️ Automatic code tests
  • 📄 Automatic document generation
  • 🤖 AI assisted development
  • 🔒 Identification of vulnerabilities
  • 📝 Automatización de check-in y check-out
  • 🏨 Personalization of travel experiences
  • 🌍 Recommendations of tourist destinations
  • 📊 Hotel reservation and occupancy management
  • 🍽️ Restaurant and activity recommendations
  • ✈️ Optimization of prices and travel packages
  • 🧳 Virtual assistance for tourists
  • 📝 Check-in and check-out automation

Any questions?

What type of services can you provide?

Every day, the possibilities offered by AI increase more, and with them, the automations we can create for you. Most of the proposals that we receive are feasible, so whatever you have in mind, we recommend that you consult with us.

Simply think of any recurring task or process in your business that you think would be more profitable if it were automated. AI can solve a lot of bureaucratic procedures and repetitive day-to-day processes. Not only low-skilled tasks: we can also create AI models that replace activities carried out by engineers, lawyers, doctors, or accountants.

What is the price of the services?

We make it very simple for you: with a monthly subscription, you are completely covered for all the automations you need.

You’ll have a team of AI developers working for you Monday through Friday for $249 per month. This is a monthly subscription that you can cancel and reactivate whenever you want, and that you can scale or reduce depending on the volume of automations you need.

What are the most requested services?

They ask us for automation with AI in all types of areas:

  • Customer support: automatic responses, auto-classification, personalization, smart surveys, translation, ticket routing, assistants…
  • Sales: automatic data collection, personalized emails, AI segmentation, chatbots, automatic proposals, dynamic rate adjustment, hot sales detection…
  • Finance: invoice scanning, document preparation, account reconciliation, AI report analysis, automatic report generation, creation of charts and presentations…
  • Research: automatic comparison of articles, search for relevant articles, generation of papers with AI, identification of citations and cross-references, generation of graphs and illustrations, plagiarism detection, correction, and translation of articles…
  • SEO: web audit with AI, content generators, trend tracking, self-optimization, keyword tracking, indexing monitoring, automatic detection of SEO problems, performance supervision…
  • Legal: analysis of legal documents, correction of contracts, automatic search for jurisprudence, generation of clauses with AI, monitoring of changes in legislation, detection of discrepancies between documents, automatic detection of copyright infringements…
  • Product: idea generators, market trend monitoring, competitor analysis, price optimization, automatic report generation, automatic improvement proposals, project management automation, generation of simulations, and product mockups…
  • Social Networks: trend monitoring, post generation, auto-selection of hashtags, image and video generation, automatic publication, competition analysis…
  • Software: automatic generation of applications and web, error correction, automatic tests, automatic generation of documents, identification of vulnerabilities…
How are we going to work for you?

Send us all the ideas you have for automating your business. We receive requests at any time through our channel, available 24/7. We will develop and test each new feature, share an internal preview with you, and upon validation, implement and release updates.

Don’t be afraid of change. We are not going to put your business at risk by replacing everything with AI overnight. We will identify specific processes, one by one, that are automatable and will offer you a high benefit without risking the quality of your product or service, or the stability of your business.

Get ahead using artificial intelligence

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